North Miami Beach

Suspect in Deadly North Miami Beach ATM Robbery Rejects Plea Deal

The defendant in the 2017 fatal shooting at an ATM in North Miami Beach rejected a plea deal Tuesday and decided to take his case before a jury.

Marcine Hill was 17 years old when he was arrested in the Nov. 1, 2017 killing of 26-year-old Dillon Bud Calvin Steve. He was charged as an adult for first-degree murder and armed robbery with a deadly weapon.

Surveillance cameras captured the incident. Steve was withdrawing from a Bank of America ATM near Northeast 163rd Street and 11th Avenue when the suspect in a "Kill Batman" hoodie is seen approaching him from behind. He tries to rob Steve, a brief struggle ensues, and then the suspect fatally shoots Steve in the chest.

Sandy Steve was waiting for her son in their car when he was killed.

"When he took my son's life, he took mine," she told NBC 6. "Every time I hear fireworks, I go crazy because I think it's gunshots."

With the family's consent, prosecutors offered Hill a plea deal -- in exchange for admitting his guilt, they would offer him a minimum prison sentence of 25 years. But Hill declined the plea deal.

The trial begins Oct. 21. If convicted of the charges against him, Hill will be sentenced to life in prison.

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