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Suspect in Miami Killian HS Stabbing Allegedly Bullied: Attorney

Allegations of bullying and rape have emerged after a teen girl accused of stabbing a boy at Miami Killian Senior High School on Tuesday made her first appearance in juvenile court Wednesday.

Flanked by her mother and relatives at the Miami Juvenile Justice Center, the 17-year-old girl appeared Wednesday morning as her lawyer alleged that the girl had been bullied at school.

The girl's attorney also said she had been reportedly raped by two football players at her previous school, and that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into that matter.

"The reason I even am involved in this case is because there's previous allegations that this girl had things happen to her at a previous school," said Jeffrey Herman, the girl's attorney. "We'll have to investigate and see where this goes."

Miami-Dade Schools officials said they have no reports of the girl being bullied.

"What we always tell students is if you think you're being a victim of bullying don't take it on social media and don't tell other students, tell somebody who can help you, tell an administrator, tell a teacher, tell a counselor," school spokeswoman Daisy Gonzalez-Diego said.

The girl is accused in a stabbing attack on 15-year-old Deandre Johnson, an honor student and prominent member of the football team at Miami Killian Senior High School. Her motive in attacking Johnson is not immediately clear.

Judd Rosen, the attorney for Johnson's family, held a news conference to give an update on his condition, saying he could only speak one word at a time.

"Deandre's spirits are solemn, he's scared," Rosen said. "He appreciates the love and support...he is still in a tremendous amount of pain and a tremendous amount of shock."

Rosen said doctors didn't know if the teen would survive his injuries when he arrived at the hospital.

"It cut his artery near his chest, there was a severe, extreme amount of blood flowing throughout his chest cavity and the stabbing wound punctured part of his lung," Rosen said. "They basically cut him from the top part of his chest up to his belly button and spread him open in order to evacuate the bleeding fro m his chest wound and his chest cavity."

Rosen said Johnson never had any contact with the attacker but said they shared a classroom.

"He never spoke to her, he never had anything to do with her," Rosen said. "He was her target, she targeted him because he was such a likeable, laughable person and such a good kid."

The attack happened around lunchtime Tuesday at the school, located at 10655 Southwest 97th Avenue in southwest Miami-Dade.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue teams transported Johnson to Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, where the teen's family tells NBC 6 South Florida his condition is improving.

Several other students witnessed the attack and recalled the terrifying moments.

"I saw him, like just, she went to stab him a second time too, it wasn't just once, she went for the second time and he just dodged it," student Nicole Palacino said.

"He went outside and he dropped down to the floor, his eyes started rolling back, it was just so bad, everyone thought he was gonna die right there," Victoria Martinez said.

At the school Wednesday, a sign reading "Pray for Dre" was put up for students to sign.

Miami-Dade School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho tweeted about the incident Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.

Carvalho went to the school Wednesday and spoke with members of the football team.

Cell phone video showed the female suspect screaming as she was taken into custody at the scene. A knife was recovered at the school.

She was questioned at Robert Morgan Educational Center for a few hours. The girl was later seen in handcuffs and being placed into a police car

The teen is charged with attempted felony murder and two counts of carrying a weapon on school grounds.

For now, she is being held as a juvenile. Prosecutors will decide over the next 21 days whether she will be charged as an adult.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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