Suspect in Taxi Driver Shooting Arrested for Robbery Scam: Cops

Officials said the man was part of a taxi cab robbery scheme.

A man accused of shooting a taxi cab driver back in August has been arrested, police said.

Lionel Sanders, also known as "Pistol" on the streets, was taken into custody by federal authorities with the help of Miami Police.

The incident happened Aug. 21 shortly before 5 a.m. in the 1900 block of Northwest 18th Terrace, according to Miami Police. Victim Samson Ojo said he had responded to a call for a taxi and was approached by a woman who pretended she wanted a ride. While he was talking to her, an armed man in a grey hooded sweatshirt approached the car and demanded money.

Ojo said he gave the man $30, all the money he had on him, but when the suspect tried to take his taxi, he resisted and drove away. That's when police say Sanders shot at the car, the bullet piercing Ojo's back.

And it's not the first time Sanders has taken part in a robbery scam, according to a criminal complaint. Officials said he has targeted local cab drivers and food delivery companies. Scared workers would hand over cash, cell phones and sometimes even keys.

The complaint shows the scam which threatened Ojo's life is one of eight that happened from August to September of this year. Another co-conspirator was arrested at the same time as Sanders, and police say there is possibly a whole gang of robbers involved in the scheme.

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