Suspect in Tow Truck Shooting Sobs Before Miami-Dade Judge

A tow truck driver accused of shooting a man four times tearfully begged a Miami-Dade judge for mercy during a bond hearing Wednesday morning.

Appearing before Judge Mindy Glazer, 35-year-old Felipe Lizano wailed audibly before the judge before being assigned a public defender.

According to police, Lizano confronted a man at a mechanic shop located at 7098 Northwest Second Avenue in Miami on Tuesday. After a verbal altercation, police say Lizano told the victim he would return.

Lizano left and came back with two males and confronted the victim. According to police, Lizano asked for a gun from one of the men he brought with him, took the gun and fired four gunshots at the victim.

Police say the victim was struck in the left leg, while another bullet grazed his torso.

The victim was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds. The victim's condition is not immediately known.

Lizano was later arrested and charged with attempted murder and display of a firearm while committing a felony.

In court, Lizano tearfully denied having a gun.

"I didn't have no gun," Lizano said through sobs. "I was working. I have three kids to live for," adding later "I promise to God, I was just trying to do a tow-away."

Lizano's microphone was silenced, but he was still seen visibly upset and shaking his head. He also appeared to have a bandaged hand.

The judge ordered Lizano held on $7,500 bond. He was assigned a public defender.

Records showed Lizano has three prior convictions, including one for auto theft that got him sent to state prison for 18 months, ending in 1999.

This isn't the first time a suspect has broken down before Judge Glazer.  In July, Glazer and one of her old middle school classmates had an emotional reunion in court after he was arrested following an alleged burglary and police pursuit.

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