Suspect Slashes 20 Tires in Westchester Family's Driveway

The tires "deflated instantly," Linnet Leon says

A Miami-Dade family has been left wondering why it was targeted after a suspect slashed 20 tires in their driveway.

“It’s crazy how chaotic the world we live in (is) today! There’s no self-respect anymore,” Linnet Leon said.

A mysterious man was recorded on surveillance video slashing away at her family’s tires at about 3 in the morning on Sunday.

“My mom started freaking out a little bit and she’s like ‘Oh my God, why did this happen to us? We’re good people, there’s no reason for this,’” Leon said.

Five vehicles were hit in all outside their Westchester home before the man departed on his bicycle.

“He used a knife and he poked all the tires,” Leon said. “They deflated instantly.”

The family has spent well over $1,000 to fix two of the five vehicles so far. Miami-Dade Police are investigating.

With 20 tires slashed, the family doesn’t believe it was a random act. Leon said her mother, Marisel Chavier, has been targeted before.

“A couple of months ago somebody broke into her car, but they didn’t steal anything, and now this happens – it’s not normal,” she said.

A couple of months before that, a doctor at the health clinic that Chavier owns was assaulted and dragged outside of the office, Leon said.

“My guess is that they were trying to scare her, and it’s weird that following that event, that a couple of months later they do this to our house,” she said.

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