Weston Man Murders Wife and Son With Crossbow Before Killing Himself: Broward Sheriff's Office

Weston man who murdered his son and wife and tried to kill his other son found dead in hotel: Authorities

A Weston man who murdered his wife and teenage son with a crossbow and tried to kill another son was found dead in a Lake City hotel room Wednesday, authorities said.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said Pedro Maldonado Sr., 53, was found dead around 2 a.m. at the Cabot Lodge on W. U.S. 90.

The BSO had been searching for Maldonado since Tuesday, when 17-year-old Pedro Maldonado Jr. and 47-year-old Monica Narvaez-Maldonado were found dead in the home at 4266 Vineyard Circle.

Authorities say Maldonado's violent rampage began Monday, when he shot his wife and son with a crossbow that shoots small arrows.

He then headed north to Tallahassee, where his other son, 21-year-old Jose Maldonado, attends Florida State University.

Just after 7 a.m. Tuesday, the father attacked his son, shooting him in the ear with the crossbow and trying to choke him, the BSO said.

Jose Maldonado was able to get away from his father but didn't report the attack.

Around 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, Maldonado Sr. called a friend in Miami and admitted to killing his wife and son, the BSO said.

Deputies and the BSO SWAT team went to the home and found the bodies inside. The victims died in a “very violent manner,” according to the BSO.

The BSO began a massive search, considering Maldonado armed and dangerous.

"If anyone encounters him, they should call 911 immediately. They believe he might be driving a black Volvo SUV,” said BSO spokeswoman Dani Moschella.

Maldonado's vehicle was discovered at the hotel by Columbia County Sheriff's Office SWAT team members, according to the BSO.

Negotiators tried to reach Maldonado Sr. for hours before they entered the room and found his body. He had apparently slit his own throat, the BSO said.

The Maldonado home is located in the Courtyards in the Grove subdivision, next to Cypress Bay High School, where Pedro Maldonado Jr. attended.

The school tweeted condolences late Tuesday.

"RIP to Cypress Bay student, Pedro Maldonado, who lost his life in a double homicide. You will always be remembered, Pedro," @CB_Athletics tweeted.

At the school Wednesday, reality was setting in for the friends of the teen.

Student Dillon Perez said Pedro Maldonado Jr. was popular and was well known for his role in Cypress Bay's marching band.

"He was close with everyone in band, he was always in the band room and I think his girlfriend was also in band," Perez said. "Every single time that he would come into the band room or something like that people would swarm around him and he had a lot of friends."

This isn't the first time that students at Cypress Bay have mourned the death of a classmate. In 2011, two students died in a car crash. In August 2012 a recent graduate was hit by a car and killed, and this year a student died of a drug overdose.

"We live in a society where kids are dying that easily. It shouldn't be happening," 17-year-old Shana Popper said. "I should be going to school to see my classmates, not a missing seat."

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