Suspects Carrying Uzi Machine Gun, Pistol Robbed Miami Family Business: Police

Police said they are searching for several suspects who robbed a Miami family business armed with an Uzi machine gun and a pistol.

Three male suspects approached Solano, a bill payment center at 3619 Northwest 17th Ave., on Saturday, Nov. 2 at about 8 p.m. A victim named Junior Cabral tried to close the door on them, but two of the suspects got inside while the third remained outside the business as a lookout, Miami Police said.

Raisa Ariza's 4-year-old daughter had just walked out of the store, but one of the suspects pushed her back inside.

“They got her there, and they put the AK in her head and they told me do not move. If not I shoot you and your little girl," Ariza said.

The suspect armed with the Uzi forced all of the people in the store get on the ground while the suspect carrying a black pistol began to take items from the victims and business, according to police.

As the second suspect kept stealing, the other one continued to point his machine gun at Ariza and her daughter, police said.

“They didn’t wanna give me my daughter. I just (said), here's my purse, here's everything. Just let me get my daughter back,” Ariza said.

The suspects fled in a dark Chevy Impala, driven by a fourth male suspect, that possibly had a paper tag, police added.

Miami Police ask anyone with information to call their robbery unit at 305-603-6370, or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers anonymously at 305-471-TIPS.

It has been almost two weeks since the armed robbery, but Ariza says her daughter continues to ask her questions.

“She still talks about it and she asks me to buy her a gun and everything," Ariza said.

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