Suspects Blame Ben Affleck For Failed Bank Robbery

When criminals imitate movies, bad things happen

Chad Kamenshine /

When all else fails, blame it on Ben Affleck.

The movie star's most recent movie was the inspiration behind an attempted bank robbery and Tri-county chase, the three suspects told detectives Wednesday.

But honestly, wouldn't you rather mimic Affleck's best buddy, Matt Damon, if you really wanted to pull it off?

Tuesday's chase may have started at a Bank Atlantic in Delray Beach and ended in North Miami.

But it really began in Boston, the setting for the movie "The Town."

Kay Dauphin, Lee Roger Lubin and Eddie Lamont Solomon told federal investigators that they were watching the movie when Lubin decided the three could pull off a similar bank heist. After all, Affleck made it seem easy enough.

But there would be no movie script happy ending for the impressionable trio.

After stealing more than $67,000 from the Delray bank, the men found themselves locked in a high-speed pursuit with several police agencies. After eluding authorities for two counties, the men figured out there were no stunt doubles coming to save them.

The chase eventually ended when the three jumped out of their silver Cadillac sedan and tried to get away on foot. Dauphin and Solomon were caught almost immediately.

Lubin, the criminal movie mastermind of the group, surrendered later that day.

For the record, Affleck and his crew used a van and clever nun disguises in the movie. Everyone except Affleck went down in a hail of bullets.

The three suspects now face armed bank robbery charges and their Affleck movie watching privileges should be revoked.

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