Suspicious Man Threatened Girl Walking Home With Gun in Pembroke Pines

The Pembroke Pines Police Department is looking for a man accused of threatening a girl walking home from a bus stop with a gun, an incident possibly connected to others from recent months.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at about 3 p.m. when the suspect approached the girl while driving a gray Volkswagen SUV.

Police said when the girl passed the man's vehicle, she saw that he started to follow her on foot.

"The suspect stated he wanted to talk to the female, but she ignored him and continued to walk home," the PPPD said in a statement. "The suspect then stated that he had a gun and if she did not stop in three seconds, he would pull his gun out. The female then called her dad as he ran outside. The suspect turned around and ran back to his car, however, the female was able to take a picture of the suspect with her cell phone."

Investigators said they have identified someone who matches the man's description, but no arrests have yet been made. Officials believe this is the same suspect who approached at least five other boys and girls in the city over the last few months and tried to lure them into his car.

However, the suspect acted more aggressively in Tuesday's incident. The girl's mother spoke to NBC 6 about the frightening event.

“As she was walking, there was a vehicle parked on the left-hand side of the street and the gentleman got out of the vehicle and approached her and was walking behind her," Sandra Sanchez said. “Then she said, ‘Daddy come outside.' So luckily, when she said that he turned around and ran toward his car."

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