School District Drafts Document Requesting Personal Info on Transgender Students

Some who sit on the county's school board are defending the forms

AFP via Getty Images

Some parents with LGBTQ+ students in a school district in southwest Florida are concerned officials are reportedly set to request personal information about transgender students.

NBC affiliate WBBH-TV reports the Lee County School District drafted documents called the “Confidential Gender Support Plan,” which asks questions about a student's gender and asks parents to come up with a plan if their child is outed.

“The way they’re doing it is first they’re going to put the children on a registry,” said Crystal Czyscon, the parent of LGBTQ+ children who was asked to sit on the district's equity committee.

Some who sit on the county's school board are defending the forms.

“It’s to make sure everyone has an understanding. That’s how I am interpreting this,” member Debbie Jordan responded. “The district has an understanding of what the needs are for the children and it is in their file.”

The school board will evaluate the documents at a meeting next week along with a “Gender Affirming Name Request” plan that would allow a student to use their gender affirming name rather than their birth name in yearbooks and at graduation.

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