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SWAG on 6: Fort Lauderdale High School's Jayanne Forrest

Her best event in track and field is the broad jump.

Why is that relevant? Because when you meet Jayanne Forrest, you can instantly tell it doesn’t require a big leap of imagination to realize this powerhouse student is going to achieve her goals.

The senior at Fort Lauderdale High School is hyper-organized and super focused.

“Literally every 30 minute period of my day is planned out,” Jayanne said.

Among a group of high achievers at her school, Jayanne still manages to stand out. She’s the captain of the title-winning debate team, co-captain of the track and field team, and she’s a Silver Knight nominee for her work mentoring young track athletes.

Jayanne is headed to the Ivy League to study biochemistry and African-American philosophy at Columbia University. She wants to become a pediatrician and eventually open her own clinic to provide health care to the poor. Calling her multifaceted is an understatement.

“I don’t think that I was the most phenomenal athlete by any means, I think that leading the team in being one of the captains of the track and field team wasn’t really about performing the best it was about learning to lead the best, meaning, setting an example,” Jayanne said.

She sets an example every day, taking all the hardest classes, getting straight A’s for four years except for one B+, and impressing every teacher along the way.

“She has a lot of passion, which is what I like about her, but she’s also able to filter that passion in a positive and productive way,” said Patrick Kothe, who taught Jayanne in AP research.

It’s easy to say Jayanne leads by example, but her friends will tell you her impact on them is much deeper than that.

“She just emanates strength and power and she’s been such an amazing impact on my life, I don’t know where I would be without her,” said classmate Zoe Wynne. “She has a contagious atmosphere about her that not only affects me but everyone.”

One of Jayanne’s track and field teammates, Britney St. Vil, said, “She’s the epitome of what you would want to be if you were a student and you were an athlete, she puts the bar where it should be, like we should all be trying to reach that bar.”

Jayanne’s the kid who provides the emotional support for her friends.

“A lot of times it’s just a simple talk, it’s not even homework or, can you help me with this test or assignment it’s more-so, hey, are you OK?” Jayanne explained.

This renaissance woman is also an entrepreneur. She started and runs a company that makes cell phone cases.

“She’s remarkable,” said Patrick Kothe, stating the obvious.

There’s no debating that, and the debate team star has advice for his peers.

“Success is very subjective and I believe that everyone should remember that they should find something that they love and pursue it like wildfire,” Jayanne preached.

Ambition fuels Jayanne’s fire, so that fire is never going out.

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