Swastikas Keyed into Cars in Miami Beach

At least three cars were keyed in a Miami Beach neighborhood on Sunday— all of them scratched with swastikas.

Residents say multiple officers were on scene earlier this afternoon investigating the matter near Prairie Avenue and 28th Street.

NBC 6 spoke to two of the vehicle owners who say this is definitely a hate crime. They are unsure at what time their cars were vandalized. Although many in this neighborhood are Jewish, one of the victims is not but says he was very bothered by this anyway and had to assure his children they are safe.

"It was intended to offend our neighbors," said Doug Eaton. "They didn't know that we weren't Jewish but the majority of this neighborhood is Jewish and that's what it was designed to do. Designed to offend them. It's a very offensive sign and it's going to upset a lot of people around here."

Police are now urging anyone with information to come forward.

"Well it's offensive. Well it is also offensive that it's also my property which I have to go get fixed," said a vehicle owner.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers (305)471-TIPS (8477).

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