Brian Hamacher

Armed Woman Leaves Car After Day-Long Standoff in Wynwood

An armed woman who was barricaded inside her car in Wynwood on Tuesday is now out of the vehicle after a nearly 13-hour standoff.

Miami Police said an officer was performing a traffic stop in the area of Northeast 22nd Street and N. Miami Avenue when an officer spotted a gun in the center console of a car.

The officer called for backup and a woman inside the white sedan refused to come out, officials said. Footage showed officers surrounding the car with guns drawn.

Miami Police Commander Freddie Cruz said the car had been parked in the area for a few weeks.

"We don't know what her intentions are, we're hoping for a peaceful resolution," Cruz said.

The woman spent hours in the car refusing to come out as negotiators spoke with her.

Police eventually broke some glass of the car and the woman came out voluntarily, Cruz said. The firearm was not used and no one was hurt.

She was transported to the hospital where she will undergo evaluation. Police said it appears she suffered some type of crisis incident.

The woman, approximately 40-50 years old, will not be facing any charges. The vehicle is registered to her but it's unclear if she was living in the car.

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