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Swedish Student Shot in Wynwood Speaks From Hospital Bed

An international student from Sweden who was shot during an armed robbery in Wynwood is speaking out from his hospital bed.

Frank Hammar, a student at Miami Ad School, spoke from his bed at Jackson Memorial Hospital Friday as he continues his recovery from two gunshot wounds.

"This one guy comes up to me with the gun drawn next to me and starts telling me to take out my stuff, put everything on the floor," Hammar said, describing the Tuesday night shooting.

The 28-year-old student said he had just finished dinner with his parents at the Wynwood Diner and had sent them off with an Uber driver when two men approached him, one brandishing a weapon. Hammer gave up his phone but kept his wallet.

"I told them that you guys are really screwing me over if you take this," Hammar said. "The other guy said something like 'blast him or pop him' and the guy with the gun fires two bullets."

Hammer was struck twice in his abdomen and crawled for help.

"The Miami EMS system is really great. They were able to rescue him really fast and bring him to the trauma center really fast and this saved his life," JMH's Dr. Antonio Marttos said.

Hammer said he feels fortunate.

"It was only when I saw a lot of blood when I thought I might bleed to death," he said. "I am just so lucky and thankful for all the doctors here."

Hammar's graduation was Friday night but his parents attended and proudly accepted his diploma on his behalf. He addressed his fellow classmates via Skype.

"I got so lucky in all of this. I'm so lucky to have you all throughout this. I have never experienced such overwhelming support before in my life," he said.

Hammar even made light of what happened: "I love you all, and my final advice is carry a fake wallet while walking through Wynwood."

Police are trying to find the two men who put Hammer in the hospital. Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

Click here for Hammar's GoFundMe page

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