Sweetwater Gas Station Offering $2.27 Per Gallon Fuel Wednesday

Long line expected as gas station rolls back prices for a limited time

Remember the last time you paid less than $3 dollars a gallon at the pump?

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz has teamed up with local business owners to offer drivers some relief Wednesday on the final day of '14 Days of Neighborly Love,' offering gas for just $2.27 a gallon at one gas station in Sweetwater.

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Drivers started showing up at the Finish Line on W. Flagler Street and W. 109th Avenue when the station opened at 6 a.m., but that was too early for the cheap gas. The $2.27 a gallon price starts at 10 a.m. and lasts for a limited time.

For Joe Herrera, a Hialeah engineer, the price is worth waiting for.

"It's great," said Herrera, who lined up bright and early.

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Others started filling up for $3.83 before they knew about the price drop.

There are a few catches: You can only fill $20 dollars worth of gas, and you'll likely be waiting in a long line.

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