Tagger Vandalizes North Miami Beach Business

A North Miami Beach business owner says his mechanic shop was vandalized with spray paint just days after he had painted the building.

Security cameras surround Transmissions Unlimited in North Miami Beach so it captured every angle of the spray can crime from beginning to end.

"Just saw that somebody didn't have nothing better to do than come by and paint on our building," owner Jorge Vizcaino said.

Not just paint but graffiti, lines, scribble and nonsense. Vizcaino said he found it when he showed up at 7:30 Wednesday morning.

"It's pretty hard, North Miami Beach is trying to make an image for all the shop owners and they're trying to make examples out of the buildings and make it beautiful," Vizcaino said, "We spent a lot of money painting these buildings and making the properties look decent, and we get people that have nothing better to do in life than go around painting people's properties."

Cameras showed the suspect coming from behind the store with his cell phone lit in in his hand. You see the criminal walking along side the building, to the front. When he notices somebody else approaching on the sidewalk, he tries not to look suspicious, and when it's clear he whips out his spray paint and marks up the building.

The motive is the big mystery.

"Anybody can be aggravated, I think you solve a lot more by talking than going out and painting people's buildings," Vizcaino said. "We have no idea, we don't usually have problems with customers.

The building was quickly repainted but now police are looking for the vandal. Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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