Tamed Down Lochte Prepares for Rio Olympics

Ryan Lochte isn't resting on his laurels, which in this case are his 11 Olympic medals, including 5 golds.

Lochte is currently training six days a week in Charlotte, starting bright and early and "beating up his body" as he gears up for Rio in 2016, his 4th Olympic Games.

In between training sessions, Lochte paid a quick visit to Miami for a private NBC 6 event at Texas De Brazil to preview his #RoadToRio.

Lochte told the audience why he's especially happy to see Michael Phelps' return to competition.

"When he first said he retired after 2012, I went to him the next day and said "I bet you $1,000 that you're going to be back. And he was like 'no, no, I won't, I'm done, I'm done.' So he owes me $1,000."

But does he think Phelps will pay up?

"Oh he better!" he said.

Lochte will be 32 when the Rio Games begin, and yet he says they won't be his last Olympics. Why? Because he's having too much fun.

"You just have to think of the end goal. If you keep doing this every day and work hard pushing your body to the limits, it's going to pay off," Lochte said. "And trust me, the reward is definitely worth it."

Last month, Lochte won his 4th straight world championship in the 200 meter individual medley. But shortly after, swimming's governing body, FINA, ruled his lightning-quick turns are illegal.

Lochte thinks that decision was "ridiculous."

"They made a rule, like the Lochte rule, I guess because I was so much faster underwater than anyone else," he said.

In Rio, Lochte will be 12 years older than he was at his first Olympics in Athens, and while that might sound like a bad thing, it has its benefits.


"There's so much more that I know now that if I knew back then, I would've been a 10 times better swimmer," Lochte said. "Like eating healthy, getting sleep, recovery, taking care of your body outside of the pool."

And that means the notorious partier has had to tame it down a bit on work days.

"I can't go out to a club and have a night out drinking and then swim. I can't do that anymore," Lochte said.

As far as his diet, Lochte said he no longer lives on fast food.

"I still splurge on the weekends every now and then, but mostly I'm watching what I eat," Lochte said. "Salads, protein, steaks, everything really healthy."

However, there is one other exception. Lochte's mom is Cuban and his favorite home-cooked Cuban meal is a Miami favorite.

"Arroz con pollo. I love that," he said.

Lochte would love to load up on chicken and rice and hit up the clubs in South Beach, but not this visit. Not until he’s done collecting more medals at the Rio Olympics.

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