Tampa-Area Teens Steal Money Raised For Prom

Two Tampa-area teens stole nearly $3,000 that had been raised for the high school's prom, police say.

Authorities tell NBC affiliate WFLA that following a lunch period of ticket sales to Saturday night's prom for Spoto High School in Riverview, two students snatched the money from a peer taking the money to the office.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has arrested one teen. They are looking for a second.

“I felt devastated that students would make the decision that they did, such a poor choice,” senior class sponsor Lindsay Hernandez told WFLA.

Principal David News told the station that security measures were in place. “The assistant principal and our deputy (are) right outside to man the selling process so it's the way it's been done here for 10 years,” News says.

The money is gone and cannot be recovered, so parents and various student organizations are donating funds to help make up for the loss.

With prom right around the corner, the theft means some items, like decorations, may have to be cut out of Saturday night's festivities.

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