Tampa Dog Found Shot, Tied to Tracks Is Improving

Cabela, a pitbull mix who Tampa police found shot and tied to railroad tracks with a belt, is said to be recovering and doing much better, WFLA reports.

The gentle-natured, pitbull mix was rescued by Tampa police after she was found shot several times and tied to railroad tracks and left to die last Wednesday.

Police report the pup was shivering and bleeding profusely when they rescued her following a tip.

Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service doctors say that since her rescue, Cabela's health has improved tremendously. Doctors performed a two-hour surgery on the dog Thursday night. Initially, surgeons worried they would have to amputate the dog's leg, which was full of bullet fragments. However, Dr. Colby Burns was able to put pins into the crushed leg, and reconstruct Cabela's leg which is now healing in a purple cast adorened with pink and blue bows.

Doctors say Cabela faces a long road to recovery, but is expected to recover.

Doctors also say they've received calls from all over the world with offers to adopt Cabela, and that her recovery room is filling daily with cards, balloons, stuffed animals and blankets, along with well-wishes.

Tampa Police are continuing to search for the person responsible for what happened to Cabela.

Police did locate Cabela's owners on Friday. They claim the dog went missing four months ago, and have agreed to relinquish ownership of Cabela to allow her to be adopted.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has pledged $2,500 for information on the crime, and the Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay is offering an additional $3,000 reward for information.

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