Tampa PD Make Arrest in Case of Dog Shot, Tied to Tracks

Tampa Police announced Wednesday that they arrested two juveniles in the case of Cabela, a pitbull mix who police rescued after she was found shot and tied to railroad tracks, as reported by WFLA.

Police made the announcement of the arrest via the department's Facebook page. The suspects are said to be two 17-year-old's, both from Tampa, one of whom with a lengthy criminal record, according to reports.

The suspects are each charged with aggravated animal cruelty and trespassing. One is also charged with possession of a firearm.

The gentle-natured, pitbull mix was rescued by Tampa police after she was found shot several times and tied to railroad tracks and left to die last Wednesday.

Veterinarians were able to save the dog's leg after initial fears that it would have to be amputated.

A detective said Cabela was initially purchased to participate in dog fighting but was too sweet so the owners wanted to get rid of her. The owners, who came forward last week, gave the dog away, police said. The couple had maintained the dog ran away or was stolen four months ago, according to reports.

"Through the investigation, detectives have discovered that the dog was purchased for fighting. When Cabella wouldn't fight, they decided to get rid of her," police said.

One of the suspects threw Cabela into the woods and fired at her, police said.  

The dog went back home and sat injured on the porch. The suspects caught her, brought her to the tracks and shot at her several times, police said.

Detectives found surveillance video that shows the suspects walking Cabela to the tracks and then running away.

An officer recognized one of the people in the video. That person identified the suspects, according to the department. 

The suspects admitted to the crime, police said.

Doctors say they've received calls from all over the world from people interested in adopting Cabela.

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