Taxi Driver Needed 12 Stitches After Random Punch by Unknown Man in Little Haiti

A 66-year-old taxi driver said two of his teeth broke and that he needed 12 stitches after he was randomly attacked by an unknown man in Little Haiti.

The incident occurred Tuesday in the parking lot of a commercial property at 159 NE 54th Street in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood.

Christophe Guillaume said that the man entered the parking lot and asked him for someone.

Guillaume told the stranger that he did not know the person he mentioned. Moments later, the man turned around and punched Guillaume in the face, surveillance video shows.

That's when Guillaume's son ran out to help, scaring away the assailant, who ran toward an apartment complex about two blocks away.

The Miami Police Department said it has assigned an investigator to the case.

Guillaume's family said they do not understand the motive for the attack, particularly because the suspect did not steal anything.

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