Teacher Appreciation Week 2019: The Educators Making a Difference

The community in South Florida is recognizing educators who have made a difference in the lives of their students during National Teacher Appreciation Week.

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"This group of amazing educators give their all each and every day to help mold the minds of the youngest bunch of the school, our Pre-K students."
"They are a teaching team at Silver Ridge. They work together as creative partners to make learning fun and memorable. Thank you, Ms. Schneeberger and Ms. Takacs." – Landyn Spellberg
"We want to recognize the amazing work Ms. Manzieri does every single day with her class. Each one of her students and parents appreciates her hugely. She is an amazing human being that has made this third year for us very unique and special. She has taught our kids not only school subjects but has tried to leave a mark on them by leading by example with the highest principles and values. Her commitment to take care of the environment and take care of our natural resources, animals, etc. cannot stay without recognition. ... Ms. Manzieri [is] a woman who loves what she does and demonstrates it everyday everywhere! Huge thanks! – Your third-grade class."
"She is the most amazing teacher. My daughter Lauren was scared to go to school last August and because of that, I too was scared for her. I wanted to be sure she would have an understanding teacher who would care about her and thanks be to God she was placed in Ms. Edwards class. All I can say is that my daughter could not have gotten a more amazing teacher. She is respectful & loving, and there is no question that she cares for my child. Ms. Edwards is the most amazing teacher and because of her my daughter has had a great year in kindergarten. I could not ask for more..Just want her to know how truly thankful I am to her..always will be." – Faydia Thomas
"I am a mom of a significantly disabled 14-year-old daughter Marykate. She attends Falcon Cove Middle School in Weston. She has been in Ms. Kim Kukers class for 2 years. Ms Kuker has a class of 8 special needs beautiful loving students They all have exceptional needs and learn at their own pace and through various augmentative communication devices. Ms. Kuker takes the time to attend to each of her students needs every day. She does it all. She teaches her students, helps feed those that are in need, takes them on field trips, organizes buddy programs with typically developing children to name a few of her exceptional abilities. She is truly second to none and she does this every day with a smile on her face. She is second to none and I hope you are able to help me and the other parents show our appreciation for this amazing woman Kim Kuker." – Sharon Hornaday
"Ms. Jibb is an extraordinary person and teacher. She has been teaching for over 29 years. In today's date that is very rare to find. She cares deeply about all the students she meets and willingly gets involved however she can be utilized best, for the success of each student. Her passion for student success not only academically but in life shows through her teaching, classroom management skills, and student outcomes. Any student who come to Ms. Jibb for any reason leave knowing that they have an advocate on their side on campus at anytime, he or she also knows that if he or she messes up, she will be the same advocate right beside them helping them understand why he or she earned the consequences that he or she did from messing up, and how it is a learning experience to grow from. Her positive views and outlook make Plantation High School lucky to have Ms. Jibb on their campus making a difference."
"I would like to take this time to recognize Mrs. Tatiana Rodriguez Ortega during Teacher Appreciation Week for being such an AMAZING teacher and band director @ Somerset Academy Middle-High School. I have been witness of her true love, patience and dedication to all the kids in the music program. She has changed the lives of so many students, including my son. She truly gives her all to the kids by giving them the opportunity not only to learn music but to do something special with their lives through the music. Being recognized with so many awards and trophies is only a symbol of her hard work and the effort she puts forth every day with our kids as she always puts her students first. ... A good teacher not only teaches from the book but teaches from the heart. Ms. Rodriguez truly deserves a standing ovation for all the sacrifices she does on a daily basis to make her kids better through music. For all she does, I can only say “Thank You” to her from the bottom of my heart for the love you give her kids every day. Thanks, Damarie Lozano Legere"
"Mrs. Barbara Edwards (left) has been teaching for over 30 years as a teacher. I met her 13 years ago, where she became my mentor, the teacher next door to me, and a friend. I have seen her work with many students to bring out their full potentials. Always putting students first in helping them to step out of their box and make improvements academically and with their behavior. No feat is too small for this teacher. Always willing to share her best practices and compassion for teaching with others. I am proud to work with Mrs. Edwards as an educator and friend." – Christina C. Tse
"Everybody has that one teacher during their educational career who stands out among the rest. Mr. Vallone has been in the classroom for over 25 years. He is known for going above and beyond for his students, school, and programs. He is the teacher who is willing to take on 5,000 extra responsibilities and expects nothing in return.nHis class, hands-on teaching style, extra efforts and stories have caught many peoples attention. Mr. Vallone gets to school early, leaves late, and opens up his classroom for students seeking help. He facilitates student exploration and teaches through hands-on experiences. He creates a welcoming classroom environment for all students to learn, engage and grow. Mr. Vallone truly understands that all students do not learn in the same way, at the same time. He respects and nurtures each student’s ability while also taking into consideration the social-emotional well-being of the students.nAt Plantation High School, he is a leader and innovator of cutting edge technology and other scientific breakthroughs. He involves and encourages all stakeholders, community members, staff, and students to be apart of the learning process because everyone needs to be cohesive and held accountable in order for the school and stakeholders to be successful.nMr. Vallone ensures each student that comes into his class, whether he has them for a student or not, walks out of his classroom knowing and having a career pathway to follow throughout high school and college in order to ensure success. The guidance, knowledge, and exposure he provides to students is invaluable, especially in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Mr. Vallone is a positive and effective role model, a highly effective teacher, and an extremely informed and knowledgeable person that is making a significant impact on each student's high school career, academically and socially."
"This is my son’s 1st-grade teacher, Mrs. Lauren Mianowski. She is a teacher in Croissant Park Elementary, and has made a lasting impact on our family. My son is on the autism spectrum and Mrs. Mianowski was his first general education teacher. She has helped him so much as far as speech, creatively and socially. My son blossomed into a happy and vibrant little boy under her guidance. She is selfless, patient and kind, she truly loves what she does. So for that, she deserves some spotlight on her ! :)" – Nataliya Chernyatskaya
"Ms. Sanabria from John A. Ferguson Senior High is my theatre teacher and the drama club sponsor. She has absolutely had my back through all the tough times I’ve been through and supported me through every decision I’ve made. She has such a big heart and I’m extremely grateful for her and everything she does for my troupe. - 11th grader."
"My daughter's teacher Mrs. Edelman is wonderful. She teaches multiage 2/3 at Country Hills Elementary. Both of my kids have had the pleasure of having her as their teacher. She pushes you to do your best and is your strongest cheerleader to do well. She makes learning fun and always gives great hugs!"
Jason Zembuch Young (top left) – South Plantation High School; Michelle Terl (top right) – Parkway Middle School of the Arts; Lori Sessions (bottom left) – J.P. Taravella High school; Daniel Bonnett (bottom right) – J.P. Taravella High School. Recognized by Theater Chat.
"Empowers the kids to be the best that they can be! We love Mrs. Ponte!"
"When someone leaves an imprint of their Love in your Life there is a need to always remain in touch. ️My 6th Grade teacher Annie Smith was a Blessing from God. ️Mrs. Smith will forever be my Favorite Teacher. Mrs. Smith’s teaching style was to teach with Love. ️Encourage you to recognize your potential. ️Water the seed of hope within you. ️Ignite the thrive that you can achieve anything. ️Instill a love of learning. ️Made you feel like you were the one and only yet through projects and presentations taught the importance of teamwork. She loved you unconditionally. ️44 years later and we still keep in touch. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Psalm 32:8" - Titi Gomez
"Coach Williams always makes sure that the students are doing well. This is not just in PE but in all of our other classes. He motivates and pushes us to do better in school and also with the decisions that we make in our personal lives. We appreciate Coach Williams!"
I am a transfer student at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School and I would not be here if it weren’t for my amazing coach. Going into senior year, we had started summer volleyball. When I tell you that it was a hard task to accomplish, I mean it. It required three hours in the morning, and sometimes even practice two times a day. I knew that this year was not going to be easy. One day, during an evening practice, an accident happened. If you walked into the gym, all you would see was everyone circling around me. My whole leg blew up and I was out for the beginning of the season. I finally came back from an injury a month and a half later. At first, I was rusty and kept getting frustrated with myself. Coach Lisa believed in me and I was back to my old self in no time. Through all that hard work and dedication, our season was almost at the finish line. We just got news that our coach’s son was getting heart surgery so she could not make it. It was the game to advance us to states and the game we had been working for all season. She was going through a tough time and we played like there was no tomorrow for her and her son. We had called her after the game; she could not have been more proud of the way we carried ourselves. Unfortunately, we were told she would not be at the state game with us. We all cried our eyes out, but we knew that she had other matters to attend to. We also knew that she prepared us for this and we would seize the moment. We were in the locker room having our pregame talk. All of a sudden, the lights turned off and my teammates and I were so confused. Then suddenly the lights turned back on, and there she was. A few hours later we were state champions with blingy gold medals on our necks and my amazing coach on the sidelines.
We would like to recognize an “AMAZING” educator that has made an extraordinary impact in both my daughter’s lives. Her name is Mrs. Toyos and she is the middle school language arts teacher at St. Mark Catholic School in Southwest Ranches. Thank you for inspiring and motivating your students every day. Mrs. Toyos is patient and caring towards her students enabling them to grow academically and spiritually. Mrs. Toyos has forever touched my daughter, Kaylee and Kristen in ways she may never see. Mrs. Toyos is a special person, and for every who has had her as a teacher their life has been truly blessed.nHappy National Teacher Appreciation Day! We love you Mrs. Toyos!
My teacher made a difference by helping other students gain education. As an example, Going over everything that we were thought over the year, Having to study with our homework, By teaching us to Tune in and Tune out, Also to never give up. - by Randy Nelson
I want to recognize our 5th Grade math teacher, Mr. Micheal Jones. He has been amazing with both of my kids. Not only is he an awesome teacher, but he's also a great friend and mentor for my kids. He helped my son to feel more confident. My daughter who is in 8th Grade still goes back to him for advice. He has left a big impact and I am truly thankful.
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