Teen Accepts Plea Deal in Hollywood Rape Case

One of five teenagers accused of beating and raping a Hollywood girl in 2013 is headed to prison after accepting a plea deal Monday.

Patricia Montes, 17, pleaded no contest to two counts of armed sexual battery and two counts of kidnapping, after reaching a deal with prosecutors.

She was sentenced to four years in prison as a youthful offender. The prison term will be followed by two years of probation.

Four others are still facing charges in the crime, which occured on November 1, 2013, when Montes was 15 and the victim was 16.

The victim told investigators that she was attacked by Montes and four other teenagers: Erica Avery, now 17; Lanel Singleton, now 19; Dwight Henry, now 18; and Jayvon Woolfork, now 20.

Montes will testify against the other teens as part of her plea deal.

The victim was visiting one of the teens at the house when Woolfork and the others approached her. Police said they told her, "You have to have sex with Jay or we are going to beat you."

They beat her and dragged her through the house before forcing her into a bedroom where the sexual battery occurred.

Meanwhile, one of the suspects captured the entire attack on cell phone video that police later recovered.

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