Teen Accuses Classmates of Sex Assault: Attorney

A teenage student at Keys Gate Charter High School in Homestead filed a lawsuit against the school alleging that two male classmates sexually assaulted her at the same time at the end of the last school year.

According to the lawsuit, the sexual assault happened on campus during the school day.

“They grabbed her in the bathroom, one of them held her in the locker room while the other went and got the keys, when they got the keys to the Dean’s office, they brought her in the Dean’s office,” said lawyer Jeffrey Herman.

When pressed by NBC 6’s Ari Odzer about whether he was alleging the Dean knew what was happening, Herman replied, “I don’t know what the Dean knew. I know these boys somehow go the Dean’s keys and that’s a big concern.”

The mother of the victim said the teen woke her up at five in the morning one day last July to tell her what had happened at the school. The mother said she called the school and the police immediately after her daughter told her what had happened. She also said her daughter’s “personality, attitude, and everything has changed on her.”

“I wasn’t expecting to hear something like that,” the mother said. “I wasn’t expecting to hear something like that and when she told me, I can only say I was lost for words because that’s my baby.”

The lawsuit, filed by Herman, alleged the boys got preferential treatment and access at the school because both are football players.

“Students should not have the Dean’s keys; should not have access to walk around school in the middle of the day by themselves, being able to grab a girl and bring her into the office,” Herman said.

The school refused to comment to NBC 6 due to the ongoing investigation being handled by Miami-Dade Police. Herman said the school did not discipline the accused boys in any way. One has since graduated and the other is still a student and still on the football team, Herman said.

The school made headlines in 2012 when a teacher was accused of having sex with two former students.

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