Teen Arrested After Shooting Girl in Back

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested after he allegedly shot a 15-year-old girl in the back Wednesday evening in Miami.

The victim, Ronniesha Hart, was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital and is in good condition. The girl’s mother, Janita Boatman, said the person who shot the teen was a friend of the girl’s.

"I am happy, I am blessed,” Boatman said. “I am happy because she could have been paralyzed. I was told the little boy was in the yard waving the gun into my daughters and her friend’s face just waving this gun."

According to witnesses, and Ronnieshas sister, the teen boy showed up with a gun while they were hanging out under the carport. The 15-year-old was waving the gun around aimlessly.

"She said, ‘What you gonna do with that little gun anyway?’” Boatman said. “She said the guy told her ‘I’m gonna show you what I’m going to do with it’ and when he got up that’s when he shot her in the back."

Ronniye Hart, the victim’s sister said, "He was trying to help her up and she was like my back hurt and she got on the floor and then he was like ‘Oh don’t call the police. I didn’t mean to do it.’ And I’m like ‘Forget you. You shot my sister."

Ronniesha, according to her sister, remained calm.

Hart said, “My sister is a strong person. She wasn’t crying. I was crying holding her up. I was crying. She was telling me don’t cry."

Boatman said she is grateful the 15-year-old was in custody and later arrested.

Boatman said, "My thing is he should not have had the gun. He should not have been in those kids face waving the gun because it could have hit them in the face or head not my daughters back.”

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