Teen Discusses Aftermath of Getting Shot in Back

For the first time since a 15-year-old was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the back, Ronniesha Hart is talking about her recovery and how she’s trying to deal with the stress of the entire situation that erupted last week.

"I could have been paralyzed or the bullet could have went in my head, like it could have went in my head instead of my back," Hart told NBC 6’s Jamie Guirola Monday.

Hart’s bullet wound is now a little more than a scab. But the bullet remains lodged in her back because it was too risky for doctors remove.

Ronniesha was hanging outside with others when a friend showed up waving a gun.

Hart said, "I told him to put the gun away like anybody else would, like put the gun away, stop playing with it, but people don’t know when to stop playing until something happens."

Now that Ronniesha is out of the hospital and trying to recover; her mom said she’s being intimidated by the brother of the 15-year-old arrested for the shooting.

Janita Boatman said, "I believe it’s an accident, but what gets me is his brother that keeps inboxing her and my daughter and her friend on Facebook saying all kind of rude stuff."

The family showed NBC 6 a long thread of messages that instructed Ronniesha not to change her story about the night of the shooting.

Hart said, "My story always been the same: that I did not want him to be put to jail. I did not want to press charges because it was an accident and he did try to help me when I got shot. He really did. He tried to help me."

Ronniesha’s mom said the messages are out of control and her forgiveness for the shooting and messages is reaching its limit.

Boatman said, "But if the brother keeps harassing my daughter by Facebook and my other daughter by Facebook, I’m gonna press charges."

The minor is being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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