Teen Girl Beaten and Raped; Five Teens Responsible: Police

Police said it happened inside a house on McKinley Street, and that five teenagers are responsible.

Five teenagers, two females and three males, are facing charges for beating and raping a 16-year-old girl, who was visiting a so-called friend in Hollywood, police said.

Police said it happened inside a house on McKinley Street.

One of the teens is 19-year-old Jayvon Woolfork, authorities said. He allegedly raped the girl while the other four teens held her down. Police say the crime happened at Woolfork's house Friday night.

A neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, told NBC 6: "I have never seen any adults over there. It was all kids. There was one older guy over there, but they're all very young. I never saw any supervision at all."

The victim told police she was kicked, had her hair pulled, was thrown down stairs, and even had her face smashed on concrete. She broke bones by both of her eyes and stayed in the hospital for the weekend and into the next week.

Lanel Singleton, 18,  is one of the accused who allegedly held the victim down. The three others charged are minors: a 17-year-old male, a 15-year-old female, and a 14-year-old female.

The 14-year-old's father told NBC 6 his daughter admitted to beating the victim up, but said she was defending a friend who happened to be another suspect. According to his daughter, the girl was acting in self defense and claimed the victim was actually the aggressor.

"She did what she thought was right," the father said about his daughter fighting. "She handled it the wrong way. If you're to get int he middle of it, defend your friend any way that you can. But don't beat someone to the point where they wind up in the hospital."

The suspect's father assumed the rape happened afterward, and said his daughter was not involved and claimed to have left the house after the fight.

"There was no sexual assault. There was no kidnapping. There was no such thing as the charges that are now pending against her," he said.

Hollywood Police told NBC 6 they know all five teens were involved because one of the girls took video of the crime with her cell phone. Lt. Osvaldo Perez said the video shows both the fight and the sexual assault.

With the teens behind bars, the Perez. had a message for their parents.

"Parents, please get involved," he pleaded. "No matter how minor it is, talk to their kids. See where they're at, what they're doing."

All teenagers are charged with sexual assault and kidnapping. Both adults in this case are being held without bond. The three minors may be tried as adults.

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