Teen Girl Shot to Death in Her Sleep: Family

A teen girl who was murdered along with his mother was shot to death in her sleep, family says. The mother and daughter were killed inside their North Lauderdale home Saturday.

Loved ones of the victims spoke exclusively to NBC 6 about how 15-year-old Jada Allen was gunned down.

Robyn Allen says she misses her baby sister. "Beautiful smile, person that just brightens up your day every time you see her -- there’s nothing bad you could say about her at all," said Allen.

Jada was a high school freshman when her life was cut short along with her mom, Temoco Williams.

"At first I'm like no, this can't be," Allen said.

For the slain teen’s cousin Alexandrea Allen, the last 72 hours have been agonizing. While trying to hold back tears she said, "Broken, hurt, very hurt."

Family members say Jada’s little brother and sister were home during the slayings.

"She heard her mom scream help me I got shot," said Alexandrea.

They say Jada’s little sister grabbed her brother and locked the door and called police.

Family members said they don’t know why Jada and her mom were targeted. They are asking the person responsible to surrender to police.

“We just want whoever [did this] to come forward. That's all. That's all.”

No arrests have been made. Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives have not publicly said who would have committed the murder or why.

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