Teen Injured in Scary Fall at Abandoned Mall

14-year-old girl falls 30 feet down elevator shaft at closed Hollywood mall

A teenage girl was severely injured after she fell 30 feet down an elevator shaft at a boarded up mall in Hollywood Monday night.

The unidentified 14-year-old and her friends were hanging out inside the old Millennium Mall which has been closed for years at Hollywood Blvd. and State Road 441.

Police say the girl and about a half dozen of her friends were inside the mall, which is apparently easy to access, when the girl fell shortly after 6 p.m., hitting the ground hard.

But rather than call 911 immediately, the girl's friends carried her outside and over a wall which separates the mall from nearby neighborhoods.

One of the neighbors who lives on the other side of the wall said she was in bad shape before an ambulance was finally called.

"She was, you know, totally unconscious, I mean she had her eyes open but no movement whatsoever, the rescue people were trying to put her in a stretcher and they asked her a bunch of questions, if she knew the date and she didn't know, she didn't answer, and if she knew the year and she mumbled something, I don't know what it was," said Carlos Llanos. "There was a lot of blood."

The girl was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital, where her condition is unknown.

Neighbors said they've complained to the city before about vagrants living in the abandoned mall, but people have still been able to access it.

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