Teen Patients Celebrate a Night to Remember at Special Prom

Teenagers who spend a lot of time at the hospital and are not able to attend their high school prom partied like Hollywood stars Friday night.

Holtz Children’s Hospital hosted “A Night at the Oscars” Prom Night for teen patients and gave them VIP treatment.

The teens were hooked up with gowns, suits, shoes and accessories to dress up for the big night. Then, the teens and their dates walked down the red carpet and smiled for the cameras. Before the party, the teens were dolled up, getting their hair and makeup done. 

The fourth annual event was organized by Isabella Allen, a sophomore at Miami Country Day School and Kim Juanico, a nurse at Holtz Children’s Hospital.

“Many teen patients at Holtz missed their own high school proms because they were hospitalized,” said Juanico. “We want to give them a night they will always remember – and a chance to feel like a teenager and not a patient.”

Chase Havard knows that experience first hand. He's never been to a prom before, but at 18 years old he's already had two intestinal transplants and spent more time than anybody would like in the hospital.

Stories like his are exactly why organizers put so much work into making the prom happen for the past four years.

"A lot of people have to miss out on it because of something out of their control," said Havard.

The patients who attended the prom have suffered from varying medical conditions, including cancer, neurological disorders, traumas and transplants, and some are terminally ill.

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