Brian Hamacher

Teen Reunited With Boy Who Saved Her From Drowning

A teenager who nearly drowned in an apartment complex pool in Deerfield Beach was reunited with the 11-year-old boy who saved her.

Mirielle Michelle and her family had plenty of hugs for Angel Rivera Wednesday.

On Sunday, the 13-year-old was swimming in the deep end of the pool when Rivera noticed she was submerged and went in to rescue her.

"I just saved somebody life. If I have to do it again there's no risk. It's just doing something very good," Rivera said.

Michelle was taken to a nearby hospital and was released Tuesday. She said she should have been more careful.

"I really love my family and I don't want to lose them. I want to say sorry to my mom because I didn't listen. If I did listen that wouldn't have happened," she said.

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