Teen Shot During Sex: “My Whole Body Went Stiff”

A father is still in jail for shooting at the boy he caught having sex with his daughter

It's a "Romeo and Juliet" scene no parent wants to catch in the act. Your baby girl doing something that is usually reserved for adults.

Unfortunately for Julian Harp, he was the unlucky Romeo who became the target of a dad's wrath last week. The 18-year old was shot several times, including once in the butt, by Wade Edwards for having sex with the man's 16-year-old stepdaughter.

Harp ran out the Apopka house naked, collapsed on the curb and was rushed to the hospital unconscious and nearly dead.

"I couldn't do nothing. When I laid down, my whole body was getting stiff," Harp, who was released from the hospital Monday, told WESH. "I was turning purple."

Edwards, 41, is still in jail facing attempted murder charges for overreacting just a tad while witnessing a parent's worst nightmare. As for Harp, he learned a valuable lesson.

Wearing protection means more than a condom when you are having sex in another man's house.

"I feel very luck to be alive," he said.

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