Teen Shot in Arm in Miami

A 14-year-old was hospitalized after he was shot in the arm in Miami Wednesday, police said.

The shooting happened in the 100 block of Northwest 77th Street. The victim’s stepfather, James Covington, said the shooting was likely an accident. Family identified the victim as Dontavius Young.

“One of the guys pulled out a gun and it went off and accidentally hit him,” Covington said.

Young’s mother said that her son was in stable condition after being taken to the emergency room.

Police canvassed the area and talked to several teenagers on the scene trying to figure out what happened, but police still haven’t found the gun.

“If he came home from school, this probably never would’ve happened,” Covington said. “He wandered off somewhere he shouldn’t have been and things happen.”

Young’s family said they are asking for peace and urging students to put the guns down.

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