Teen Survives Vicious Dog Attack in Hialeah

Girl says pit bull attacked her while walking pet chihuahua mix

A teen girl is recovering from multiple dog bites after she says a pit bull attacked her outside her Hialeah home Sunday night.

Yaleniee Martinez said she was walking her pet chihuahua mix in her apartment complex at 1298 West 51st Place around 9 p.m. when suddenly a white pit bull began charging her.

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"I was running for my life," said Martinez. "This dog just busted out of his house and he went to attack me. He bit me everywhere."

Martinez said the dog was able to pin her against a nearby car.

"He pinned me against the car and I wasn't able to escape," she said. "I couldn't move at all."

The 19-year-old suffered bites on her face, hand, and upper thigh, and her pet was bitten on the tail. She received treatment at Palmetto General Hospital.

Hialeah police confirmed the dog attack. Miami-Dade Animal Services officials said the male pit bull is being monitored for rabies but has shown no signs.

Pit bulls are illegal in Miami-Dade. Last month, voters decided to keep a pit bull ban that's been in place since 1989.

Animal services said the dog's owner has five days to claim it before it's euthanized. The owners could face fines of up to $1,645 for the dog running loose in the street, attacking a person and another animal, and for the violation of the pit bull ban.

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