Teen to be Discharged From Hospital After Being Shot at Home

A teen shot while he slept last week left is expected to leave the hospital Wednesday. But he won’t be heading back to the home where bullets came flying through the walls.

Francis Almendarez was visibly shaken as she arrived at the hospital Monday morning, after her 13-year-old son was shot by two stray bullets.

On Wednesday in his hospital, she said at that moment, she was actually grateful that he’s alive.

“I thought my God, you have given me another life with my children,” said Almendarez.

Cristian Torres first woke up when he heard the bullets tearing through the walls.

“I felt the blood rolling down my foot, and I yelled at my mom and fell on the floor,” said Torres.

He lost two toes on his left foot and was also shot in the right elbow. Now he doesn’t want to go back to the bed he was sleeping in.

According to the family, this was the third shooting in one week outside their home on Northwest 12th Avenue and Fourth Street in Little Havana.

“I came here to give my kids a better future,” said Almendarez. “We left Honduras more than a year ago, but I never thought we would go through this.”

Torres is expected to go back to school next week.

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