Teens Break Into Miami-Dade Home for Massive House Party

A group of South Florida teens broke into a vacant home to host a blowout bash Thursday night but police broke it up before it began.

The end of the year bash was advertised on social media. But the problem, according to police, is the teens had no right to be at the vacant home on Southwest 5th Street in Miami-Dade.

"It's terrible, just terrible. I can't believe this," parent Carrie Diaz said.

Diaz said she was shocked when she pulled up to drop off her daughter and friend to the party shortly after police arrived.

Teens said the organizer or organizers kept changing the address. The different addresses are what alerted police. Earlier Thursday the party location posted on Instagram was down the road and the homeowners found out when they got a call from a parent.

"They called my husband's office to find out if there would be supervision since they were talking about over 600 people invited and alcohol would be served," homeowner Maggie Duran said.

Several pictures were posted on Instagram showing teens in the home's backyard near the pool. For the homeowners it's a second property, they don't live there and the house is empty. They said trespassing is an ongoing issue.

"I know for a fact they are children because they don't take anything, they destroy and play paint ball in the house," Duran said.

But the planned party is worse than the vandalism and trespassing Duran and her husband have been dealing with. So they called Miami-Dade Police and cops responded to the area shortly after the call.

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