Miami Police

Teens Charged as Adults in Mass Shooting at Nightclub

Two teenagers arrested in a Miami nightclub shooting that sent 15 people to the hospital will be charged as adults.

Seventeen-year-old Will Campbell and 16-year-old Jamiroquai Young were arrested for the shooting at The Spot nightclub in Miami in September. The shootings, according to Miami Police, stemmed from a fight at Norland Senior High School.

Police believed Campbell was the triggerman in the mass shooting at The Spot. Campbell was charged with attempted first-degree murder and 14 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm. Young was charged with accessory after the fact (attempted first-degree murder) and 14 counts of accessory after the fact (aggravated battery).

Miami Police said the shooting stemmed from a fight at Norland Senior High School. Police said one of Campbell’s friends got into a fight and when he and his friends arrived at The Spot, they found out the other person involved in the fight was there. Police said Campbell shot at the person and then sprayed the crowd with bullets as well.

The Spot’s manager was also arrested after the shooting and given a notice to appear in court for allegedly selling liquor without a license.

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