Miami-Dade police

Police Shoot Teens after They Allegedly Stole an Unmarked Vehicle

A Miami-Dade police officer shot three teenagers Thursday night, after recognizing the vehicle as a possible match of an unmarked MDPD vehicle stolen earlier this week.

The officer spotted the white pick up truck speeding away from a gas station at the corner of SW 240th Street and 112th Avenue, where it struck another car in the road and then fled the scene.

The officer was able to recognize the allegedly stolen vehicle because it was equipped with police lights and a police dispatch radio.

Other police units located the vehicle in the area of SW 256th Street and SW 108th Avenue and attempted to stop it. That is when, according to police, a confrontation ensued and an officer fired shots hitting three out of the five occupants in the car.

The three shot, all males, sustained non-life threatening injuries. Two of the three are 19, the other is 17.

Two females, ages 17 and 15, remained at the scene without any injuries.

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