Teens Struck By Driver in Davie Near School Carnival Die

The Davie Police Department said the two teenage girls struck by a car during a jaywalking incident near a carnival are dead.

"We have just been notified that both of the juvenile female girls who were struck by a vehicle on Friday in front of Western HS have died," DPD said in a statement.

The two teenage girls, Andrea De Las Salas, 14, and Alicia Cerrato, 15, were in critical condition and placed in intensive care after being hit by a car, DPD said.

"Thank you for all the support right now! My daughter was officially declared dead. Glory be to God!" Pedro Cerrato, the father of Alicia Cerrato, wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

The incident occurred on Friday during a carnival event near St. Bonaventure Catholic Church and Western High School at the 1200 block of SW 136th Avenue.

After the incident was first reported, police said they did not believe speed and alcohol were a factor.

Police said the teens did not use a crosswalk as they walked to the carnival. While crossing SW 136th Avenue, they were struck by a 2004 Dodge Neon. The driver remained on the scene, police said.

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