Ten People Treated After Falling Ill on Flight Landing in Miami Thursday Morning

A total of 10 people had to be treated after becoming sick on a flight traveling from Los Angeles to Miami early Thursday morning.

Fire rescue crews arrived at Miami International Airport shortly after 7 a.m. when American Airlines Flight 1538 landed.

Nine people, including two flight attendants, were treated at the scene after becoming nauseous, while one passenger had to be taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The condition of that person is unknown at this time.

"One of the guys went up to the flight attendant, said that he wasn't feeling very well, he was feeling kind of faint and nauseous," said Kathy Fu, who was one of the healthy passengers on the red eye flight.  "They had him sit in the back where the area was, and then all of a sudden a few minutes later I heard him throwing up."

A doctor onboard the flight helped that man and others, Fu said, while passengers were not allowed to get off the plane right away.

"They had to keep us on the pane for 20 minutes or longer, just to make sure it wasn't some kind of contagious situation," Fu said. "Everybody was frustrated because everyone wanted to get off the plane."

Officials are still investigating to determine what made the passengers and crew become ill.

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