‘Thank God': Mom of Man Who Survived Haulover Beach Shark Attack Speaks

A man who was injured in a rare shark attack at Haulover Beach over the weekend was released from the hospital Monday while his mother thanked God he survived the ordeal.

Elvin Lanza, 44, was released from Aventura Hospital Monday after suffering shark bites on both legs Sunday afternoon at the nude beach.

"He's recovering, thank God, it was very scary but he's now under God's control and that's what's important," his mother said Monday, speaking in Spanish.

Lanza was bitten by what's believed to be a 4 or 5-foot bull shark. His mother said he kicked the shark to get it to release him.

"I feel relieved, when I found out I felt very sad," she said.

A video showed Lanza being bandaged and treated by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews moments after the surprising shark bite.

"All these attacks occur in Palm Beach North and it's usually shark migrations, January to April," said Lt. Matt Sparling, with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's Ocean Rescue. "This is probably a local shark in the area and it's extremely rare."

Sparling said it's the first shark bite at Haulover Beach during his 20 years as a lifeguard.

"Florida is the shark attack capital of the world, we have the most shark attacks," he said.

Lifeguards say beach goers just need to stay alert, always watch out for double red flags and stay close to the lifeguard stand.

"If you're on a beach with no lifeguards you'll have no idea what's coming," Sparling said.

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