The Heat Is On

Miami sets new heat record as the index continues to climb

The Devil must have started his vacation on South Beach today because it is as hot as his dominion outside.

Miami was a scorching 98 degrees this afternoon, breaking the all-time high for the day of 94 degrees back in 1998 - reportedly Beelzebub's last visit to Miami Beach.

For Miamians, it shouldn't be a news flash that it's hot, but facing these sweltering temperatures might be enough to force some to trade their bikinis and designer shades for snow boots and those funny fur hats.

And while some estimated the heat index would reach 110 degrees, that mark might not be out of reach in some parts of South Florida. Fort Lauderdale's temperature at midday was a sizzling 100 degrees, which set an all-time record for any day.

The hottest record ever in South Florida was set almost 67 years ago when West Palm Beach's thermometer burst at 101 degrees. Miami's all-time high was 100 degrees on that same day.

So if you've got anything to do outside today, save it for some other time (November sounds like a good bet). At the very least, carry a five-gallon jug of water with you. And whatever you do, save the gasoline underwear for another day. We wouldn't want you to catch fire.

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