The Maverick Has Crist's Back

Sen. John McCain repays the favor to the governor that delivered Florida

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has friends in high places and expect many of them to start coming out of the woodwork in support of his U.S. Senate bid.

Back Scratching

One of his most prominent GOP homeys, Sen. John McCain, endorsed Crist on Wednesday in a little "you scratched my back now I've got yours" action. It was Crist who may have secured the presidential nomination for McCain with his last-minute endorsement. Not that it did much good, but sometimes it's the thought that counts.

Crist was also rumored to become McCain's running mate for much of the presidential pre-season before the Maverick chose the governor from the polar region.

“Now more than ever, we need leaders who are committed to lower taxes, limiting government spending, and fighting for the people,"  McCain said in a statement. "I am proud to call [Crist] my friend and look forward to calling him my colleague.”

This isn't the first time McCain has helped Crist in a campaign. Crist received McCain's help during his campaign for governor in 2006.

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