Forbes: Miami May Be Icey, but Way Too Pricey

Miami ranks third on Forbes' list of most overpriced cities that features four Florida destinations

So what if it costs a month's salary for a weekend of parking and partying.

And who cares if you can't find a place to stay that matches your paltry salary at work.

We all know it costs a mint to live in Miami, so naming the Magic City third on its annual "America's Most Overpriced Cities" list should come as no surprise.

But at least there's a lot of sun.

High unemployment rates and even higher housing prices help Miami make the dubious list honor. The rankings are led by another A-lister city, Los Angeles.

Forbes, a magazine addicted to ranking cities, based this batch of rankings on earnings potential and living expenses in the 50 largest continental U.S. metro areas. The cities are ranked by average salary for workers with a bachelor's degree or higher, annual unemployment statistics, cost of living and the Housing Opportunity Index.

Forbes also ranked Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville among the top 20.

Miami is also expected to rank near the top of the next "Cities with such good weather and hot people that you forget about how much that drink costs" list coming soon.

Forbes: Top 20 America's Most Overpriced Cities:

No. 1: Los Angeles, Calif.
No. 2: Chicago, Ill.
No. 3: Miami, Fla.
No. 4: New York, N.Y.
No. 5: Providence, R.I.
No. 6: Riverside, Calif.
No. 7: Long Island, N.Y.
No. 8: Cleveland, Ohio
No. 9 (tie): Newark, N.J.
No. 9 (tie): San Diego, Calif.
No. 11: Philadelphia, Pa.
No. 12: Portland, Ore.
No. 13 (tie): Tampa, Fla.
No. 13 (tie): Memphis, Tenn.
No. 15: Orlando, Fla.
No. 16: St. Louis, Mo.
No. 17: Jacksonville, Fla.
No. 18: San Francisco, Calif.
No. 19 (tie): Warren, Mich.
No. 19 (tie): Boston, Mass.

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