The Super Bowl Goes Digital: Apps, Tweets & Live Streams

Your Super Bowl experience goes beyond the TV this year

Who needs a ticket to be in the stands for the Super Bowl on Sunday when you already have the best view…from your couch! Unless you’re a mega Patriots or Giants fan, have the cash to fork over for a ticket (They are over a $1,000!), you’ll be watching the biggest game in sports from home.

But your Super Bowl experience goes beyond the TV this year, because 60 percent of you will be watching on a second screen, just like you’re reading this article right now. For the first time, the Super Bowl will be streamed live online and on your IOS4 or Android mobile device. The NFL and NBC Sports teams up with Verizon’s NFL mobile application to elevate your game watching experience on Sunday.

Boca Raton-based tech expert Craig Agranoff believes this is just the start of how technology will change and heighten your sports watching experience and says, that with the NFL application, consumers will be “watching the game live, seeing the different angles, pretending they’re coaches from the bench and the teams themselves will be getting involved.”

That’s right, so you’re not a true Patriots or Giants fan until you’ve downloaded their free mobile app. It’s a way to keep in touch with your teams with real time statistics, video on demand,  pictures and much more. Most apps that you download on your smart phone can also be downloaded on your iPad.

If you haven’t yet, get on the Twitter train and check out the NFL Pro Tweets application. There’s nothing like getting the Super Bowl highlights right from the NFL players themselves who are watching the game along with you. The application called, NFL Pro Tweets, grabs the legit tweets – through the NFL players association – and puts the timeline in one place for you to check out, not only pro tweets, but sports media tweets too.

Agranoff warns though, that the players can get raunchy, a true sign that the tweets are coming right from the mind, through the fingers and from the official accounts of the players themselves.

Sure, this rematch between New England and New York from Super Bowl 42 in 2008 will have plenty of eyes watching the actual battle between Brady and Manning, but most will just watch …for the commercials. Yes,  there is an app for that too! Just search Super Bowl commercial in you       app store and you’ll find the SuperAds application, which is free, or for $1.99  you can buy the Super Bowl Commercial App. You’ll not only be able to instantly watch the best Bowl commercials of 2012, but you’ll see the classic commercials from past Super Bowls.

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