Tiniest Haiti Quake Survivor Thriving One Year Later

Baby Jenny walking and even talking a year after she was pulled from rubble

At 14 months old, Baby Jenny is walking and saying a few words like most children her age.  

"She says mama and papa. She's trying to talk. Mom and Dad. Creole and English," says her mother Nadine, with the help of His House Children’s Home translator Alexina Jeannite.

It wasn't until four days after the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti that Jenny was pulled from the rubble and rushed to Project Medishare's field hospital.

She had a crushed skull, broken ribs and a broken arm. Her mother said the housekeeper was carrying Jenny when their Port-au-Prince home started to shake and fall apart around them.

“She just fell and she was in the hands of the helper. She just fell down. I think the earth had split and she fell," Nadine said.

Nadine was injured and rushed to a hospital “covered with blood and crying out where's my baby where's my baby?”

The woman who had been holding her died in the earthquake. Jenny had been airlifted to Miami by the time her parents learned their daughter had survived. They were reunited on April 5th at His House Children's Home in Miami Gardens where they lived for several months.

Jenny still has therapy for her arm but otherwise seems ok.

"I call her destiny's child. There had to be something like fate or destiny for a child like this to be 1000 per cent health and normal and reunited with her parents” says Dr. Arthur Fournier co-founder of Project Medishare.

He and the nurse who helped transport Jenny to Holtz Children's Hospital attended a remembrance ceremony at Jackson Memorial Hospital Wednesday, where many survivors were treated, including Jenny and also blind violinist Romel Joseph.

“Most of my frustration was my wife died and I was unable to remove her from where she was,” said Romel, who was able to salvage a violin buried in the rubble next to his wife. “I never really thought I’d play violin again because my hands were broken.”

Wednesday, he played that violin accompanied by his daughter Victoria.

Of the 205 earthquake survivors who were treated at Jackson Health System, 54 were children.

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