‘There Were Flags': Woman Says Man Accused of Attempted Murder Killed Her Son

Jonathan Clemente is accused of trying to murder his ex and her new boyfriend.

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A mother is demanding justice, claiming the man accused of attempting to kill his ex-girlfriend and her friend last week in southwest Miami-Dade also killed her son earlier this year.

Jonathan Clemente killed Frankie Cordero less than three months ago, the mother claimed. The state attorney would not confirm or deny, only saying that prior to the filing of a criminal charge, they would not be commenting on any criminal review.

"There were flags. Nobody followed up on those flags," Carolyn Villalobos said.

When Villalobos learned about the attempted murder on May 19, she was stunned to hear the person who allegedly pulled the trigger was Clemente.

Multiple gunshots are heard in new jarring audio of a shooting where a man is accused of shooting his ex and her new boyfriend. NBC 6's Kim Wynne reports

“I was outraged. Because this could have been avoided," Villalobos said.

Villalobos says her son was killed by Clemente after an altercation. Clemente and Cordero were friends.

"When he finished murdering my son, he decided to shoot himself in the leg to kind of bring everything together that it was self-defense, this altercation," she said. "So he was released."

Clemente is now behind bars for the May 19 incident. The arrest report shows he confessed to shooting the victims because he was upset his ex-girlfriend ended their relationship and thought she was seeing the other victim.

Jonathan Clemente
Miami-Dade Corrections
Jonathan Clemente

Villalobos said she drove to Kendall Regional Hospital to meet with the family of the male victim, Andy de Leon.

"The purpose of that was really to bring justice for my son and for the gentleman who is clinging on to his life, and pretty much to lock this guy up so that he doesn’t hurt anyone else," she said.

De Leon's family says he is currently in a coma and has severe damage to major parts of his brain.

"He had no oxygen to the brain, so he has like tons and tons of strokes," said his sister, Tatiana de Leon.

A man is facing attempted murder charges after shooting his ex and a man he thought was her new boyfriend, Andy de Leon. We spoke to de Leon's sister at the hospital, where Andy is still recovering. NBC 6's Amanda Plasencia reports

She says Andy and Clemente's ex-girlfriend are only coworkers and are not dating. Clemente had told police he shot them because he thought they were seeing each other.

“This person, Jonathan Clemente, had been parked waiting for the vehicle to approach for hours. It’s in the cameras that he waited for several several hours," Tatiana de Leon said.

Clemente’s arrest report states his occupation as security. A public records search shows his concealed carry licensure is currently under review.

"You have someone who is not all there, has access to a gun," Villalobos said. "The one that he used for this incident was a different gun, and how is that fair?"

NBC 6 tried to reach Clemente’s father and could not get a hold of him. He told the Miami Herald his son had mental problems.

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