“They Need Help”: Local Pilot Takes Supplies to Puerto Rico

A local pilot has made it his mission to help victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico by flying into the island and providing Puerto Ricans with much needed supplies.

“I’m not trying to put drama in this,” said Alex Marin, a private pilot, “I’m just trying to emphasize and trying to make people understand that what they’re going through is bad.”

Alex Marin is a pilot who has been using his private plane based in Miami to take much-needed supplies to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico for the past week.

“People are just desperate,” said Marin, “They just need help. And we … I have to help any way we can.”

Although the San Juan Airport is not fully operational, Alex has gained access in order to deliver boxes, which not only carry basic goods, but heartwarming messages of support. Some of those words were written by a seven-year-old girl for her grandparents on the island.

“When my daughter made that note, I was very emotional, very proud. I don’t have any more tears to cry,” said Marin.

Yesterday’s flight transported a shipment of water and food to Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like it will be Alex’s last trip.

“After what I’ve seen in Puerto Rico, those people are going to be struggling for the next year or so,” said Marin.

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