Thief Steals Car, Then Tries to Sell It Back

A Florida man received an unexpected sales call from the man who robbed him

Car salesmen have a reputation for being crooks, but one Florida man knows that feeling of being robbed a little too personally.

Daytona Beach authorities said a man who was carjacked Tuesday received a phone call from the man who stole his ride the next day trying to sell it back to him for $200.

We don't know which one is worse, the nerve of the thief to try and sell the owner his car back or the fact that the price was so low.

According to authorities, the thief called the owner using a cell phone that was left inside the black Nissan Altima during the armed carjacking. The suspect told the Daytona Beach man that he could have the vehicle back for $200.

Most appraisers would say that's a steal, except for the fact that it really was stolen. The car was jacked while the victim was inside a residence late Tuesday night. A passenger was in the vehicle.

A deputy found the stolen car at an apartment complex early Wednesday morning. The suspect wasn't with the unoccupied vehicle.

Our guess is he was busy trying to play let's make a deal with another victim.

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