Not So Lady-Like Thieves Stash Booze Loot Up Their Skirts

Women stuff nearly $4,000 in liquor between their legs, get away

A group of four South Florida thieves brought shoplifting down to a whole new level, under the skirt.

Surveillance video taken Sunday inside DPF Liquor Store in Pembroke Park captured a team of booze burglars who made off with $3,800 worth of inventory in a matter of minutes.

The video shows a man in dreadlocks distracting an employee at the shop on the 3100 block of Hallandale Beach Blvd., while a woman with blonde hair takes a cautious look around, quickly grabs a bottle of cognac and puts it between her legs and up her skirt.

Moments later, while her female accomplices talk to an employee, the same blonde woman stashes another large, five-pound bottle up her skirt. Then another woman is seen stashing a bottle in her bag while a 3rd suspect takes another bottle under her skirt.

Owner, David Rassi was there Sunday evening when it all went, well, up.

"I don't know how she was walking," said a stunned Rassi. Obviously they do it, they're professionals, we were three guys, we feel pretty dumb, I guess."

The criminals got away and for that very reason, Rassi admits he's impressed.

"When I saw them putting them up their skirts, even the BSO officers were like 'where the hell are they holding them?'" he said.

The Broward Sheriff's Office is investigating the theft. Rassi did a little investigating of his own.

"I went home and I tried to do it, walk around with a bottle of wine and it didn't work, it kept falling," he said. "They got me confused, there's a lot of tricks that I don't know yet." 

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